Purchase report creation flow

Register/Login at


1. Click "LoanGraphs" add report


2. Click Input Purchase and "next"


  1. Click "client name" and add a client- either search existing or add a new name

Click "Add Client" if it's a new client**


  1. click "save" to save a new client name. This client name is what you will associate buyers agents/ listing agents / title / any other co-borrowers or third party to.

you could name it: "Donald & Mary Smith"

or any other naming convention you want to use like Name + last 4 of loan number. **


  1. You can add a brief description of what this report is about - this is strictly for your reference later on but please use something shorter and easy to reference

Example: Purchase 123 main st 5% down Or Purchase $250k, 300,350k examples

Type " 123 main st" Click away from it and it will save**


  1. click "scenario 0 " to name the scenario for the client to easily see what column they are looking at.

Examples: 5% down No PMI w/ 5% VA FHA Conv 10% are all great examples of naming schemes to describe this scenario to the client**